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1920's dress with North African inspired embroidery

1920's dress with North African inspired embroidery

During the 1920s, there was an upsurge of interest in ancient Egyptian culture. This sprung from the many excavations of the graves of ancient pharaohs in North Africa, perhaps the most famous being the 1922 excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The discovery of these tombs sparked widespread fascination and soon began to influence women's fashion. 

The influence of Egyptian culture in European fashion was mostly evident in the styles of the dresses. Draped dresses and dresses adorned with colorful beadwork and vibrant patterns mirrored the paintings found in the tombs. This aesthetic was embraced as a welcomed departure from the traumas of World War I.

This beautiful 1920s dress from my personal collection reflects the influence of Egypt, with a beautiful symmetrical pattern that resembles palm trees. The fabric is a beautiful sand beige color with gold embroidery. It also has lines of vertical embroidery which resembles strands of pearls.

The back has a row of fake fabric-covered buttons but is closed with snap buttons, which also reflects the changing times of the 1920s - a woman could now get dressed by herself without needing a maid to close the buttons in the back. It also has a slip attached underneath the dress, so you wouldn’t need a separate slip as well.


It is styled with my 1920s-inspired Yvonne shoes from memery and a vintage hat from my personal collection.

💕 Mette
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