Womens coat made of a white tie jacket – memery

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Womens coat made of a white tie jacket

Womens coat made of a white tie jacket

During World War II, fabric rationing made acquiring new clothes challenging, leading many people to become resourceful with what they already had. A common practice was for wives to repurpose their husbands' suits into walking suits and jackets for themselves.

This original 1940s coat from my personal collection serves as a prime example of such creativity. Originally part of a white tie set, it has been transformed into a women's coat, featuring charming details on the pockets and four big hooks and eye closures in the front. The thick, characteristic fabric reveals that it used to be a white tie jacket.

The tailored menswear coat fit very well with the style of the 1940s. As always when there’s a war, it influences fashion, and women's wardrobes began to echo military uniforms, characterized by broad shoulders and shoulder pads reminiscent of military jackets. In this context, repurposed menswear seamlessly aligned with the trends.

It is styled with the 1930s inspired high heel Oxford shoe Marie in navy from memery. The dress and hat are vintage and from my personal collection.

💕 Mette 

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